Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters Bitument/ Asphalt Testing equipments
  Bitumen / Asphalt Testing Equipments  
  We manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of a wide range of bitumen testing equipments and asphalt testing equipments. Our Range of Bitumen / Asphalt Testing Equipments include Ring and Ball Apparatus, Ring and Ball Apparatus (Electrical), Standard Penetrometer, Automatic Standard Penetrometer, Ductility Testing Apparatus, Stripping Value Apparatus, Benkelman Beam, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Centrifuge Extractor (Hand Operated), Centrifuge Extractor (Motorised), Core Drilling machine, Reflux Extractor, Automatic Marshall Compactor from india.
  Ring and Ball Apparatus    
  We are the leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Manual Ring and Ball Apparatus. Ring and Ball Apparatus is used to determine softening point of bitumen. Ring and ball apparatus is used to determine softening point. It is that temperature at which a sample of bituminous material loaded by a 9.5mm dia steel ball drops at a distance of 25mm.

  Ring and Ball Apparatus (Electrical)    
  Like Manual Ring and Ball Apparatus, we also manufacture Electrical Ring and Ball Apparatus Ring & Ball Apparatus (Electrical) - Electrical heating, with a Heater and Energy Regulator, Suitable for operation on 230 V, 50Hz, Single Phase, A.C. supply. Each unit is supplied with bath of heat resistant glass and the following.

  Standard Penetrometer    
  We are a delhi based manufacture and supplier of Standard Penetrometer. Standard Penetrometer Used to determine grade of bitumen. The penetration tests determine consistency of bitumen for the purpose of grading. We offer Standard Penetrometer to our customers at a leading market prices.

  Automatic Standard Penetrometer    
  Like Standard Penetrometer we also master in making Automatic Standard Penetrometer. We Manufacturer Automatic Standard Penetrometer with transistorized timer and Electro magnet incorporated in the clutch mechanism to accurately control penetration time to exact five seconds.

  Ductility Testing Apparatus
  We manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Asphalt Ductility Testing Apparatus. In flexible pavement construction, bitumen binders are used. It is important that bituminous material forms ductile thin film around the aggregates, which serves as a binder. The binder material not of sufficient ductility renderspervious pavement surface and leads to development of cracks. Therefore it is important to carry out the ductility tests on bitumenous material.

  Stripping Value Apparatus    
  We are prominent name in Manufacturing, Supplying and exporting of Stripping Value Apparatus. We manufacture Stripping Value Apparatus Using High Quality Raw Material. For determining Stripping Value of bituminous mixes, our comprehensive range of Stripping Value Apparatus is highly used. The bituminous mixes tested by our bituminous mixes ranges from 1.0 mm to 75 microns.

  Benkelman Beam    
  We are a leading company engaged in manufacturing & Supplying of Benkelman Beam. Benkelman Beam is very useful in measuring the deflection of a flexible pavement under moving wheel loads. This is a simple device and forms the basis of empirical diagnosis of pavement defects.

  Marshall Stability Test Apparatus    
  Marshall Stability Test Apparatus is a very important bitumen testing equipments genrally highly demanded by construction industry. The apparatus is suitable for conducting Marshall stability test of bituminous mixture. The apparatus can truly judge the fail point of bituminous mixtures to design the match ratio or check the construction quality of bitumen road surface.

  Centrifuge Extractor (Hand Operated)    
  We Manufacturer , Supplier & Exporters of wide range of Centrifuge Extractor. The Hand Operated Centrifuge Extractor, manufactured and supplied by us, is an instrument that is used for determination and checking of bitumen percentage in bituminous mix which is added with solvent and dissolved bitumen is removed by centrifugal action. Hand Operated Centrifuge Extractor manufactured by us consists of a removable aluminum rotor bowl, capacity 1500 gm with a cap and tightening nut.

  Centrifuge Extractor (Motorised)    
  We manufacture both hand operated Centrifuge Extractor as well as electric Centrifuge Extractor. Motorised Centrifuge Extractor used for determination and checking of bitumen percentage in bituminous mix which is added with solvent and dissolved bitumen is removed by centrifugal action. Our Electric Centrifuge Extractor consists of a removable aluminum rotor bowl, capacity 1500 gm with a cap and tightening nut.

  Core Drilling machine    
  Motorized Core Cutting & Drilling Machine is suitable to cut / drill cores of concrete, rocks, stones, tiles or the similar material. The machine is suitable for care samples of size upto 150 mm diameter with the help of thin walled diamond bits which are at extra cost. We manufacture core drilling machine as per design & Drawing of the company.

  Reflux Extractor    
  We are a leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Reflux Extractor from india. Reflux extraction is the most inexpensive method for determining asphalt content in bituminous concrete mixtures. Solvent vapor generated by hot plate passes around and through sample contained in two wire mesh cones lined with filter paper. Reflux solvent from the water-cooled condenser percolates through the sample repeatedly until the bitumen is extracted.

  Automatic Marshall Compactor    
  We offer to customer high quality Automatic Marshall Compactor from india. The used of automatic compaction will result in consistance and repeatable laboratory speciment. testing house and design consultant who used marshall method of mix design will benefit from automatic compaction apparatus, which release staff for other work during the compaction prosess.

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