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  We Manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of Cement Sampler, Cement Sampler, Shrinkage Bar Mould, Cube Mould, Le Chatelier Mould, Blain Air Permeability Apparatus, Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus, Gillmore Needle Apparatus, Le Chatelier Flask, Flow Table, Vicat Needle Apparatus, Cement Autoclave, Length Comparator.
  Cement Sampler    
  Cement sampler is an important cement testing equipments as the cement industry samples its product in many states and forms: slurry, liquid, powder, clinker, slag and finished cement. Cement Sampler Manufactured by us used to sample cement from packages. Its Made of brass, it has an outside dia. of 32 mm x 700 mm long.

  Shrinkage Bar Mould    
  WE are the leading Manufacturer, Exporter & suppliers of Shrinkage Bar Mould from india. Shrinkage Bar moulds for the determination of soundness. The change in length of the specimen is determined by Length Comparator listed in the concrete section, In addition to this we customized Shrinkage Bar Mould as per the requirement of the customer.

  Cube Mould    
  We manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of Cube Mould for cement testing which are widely used for casting, cement concrete test specimens. We manufacturer Cube Mould using high grade raw material and as per the set industry Standard.

  Cement Mixer    
  We manufacturer & Supplier oF Cement Mixer which is also called concrete Mixer. Cement Mixer is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. We manufacture & Supply cement mixer as per the design and requirment of our clients.

  Le Chatelier Mould
  We manufacturer,Supplier & exporter of cement testing equipments like Le Chatelier Mould from india. Le Chatelier Mould is used for the determination of soundness by expansion method of ordinary and rapid hardening Portland cement, low heat Portland cement and class A lines. We offer Le Chatelier Mould to our customers at a very Competitive prices.
  Blain Air Permeability Apparatus    
  The Blaine air permeability apparatus is used to determine the fineness of Portland cement in terms of the specific surface expressed as total surface area in square centimeters per gram of cement. The Blaine apparatus draws a defined volume of air through a prepared bed of cement of defined porosity. We manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Blain Air Permeability Apparatus from india. Due to its high quality and features Blain Air Permeability Apparatus is highly demanded in the market.

  Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus    
  Testing Equipments in india engaged in manufacturing, Supplying & Exporter of Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus. Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus is used to determine the workability of portland cement concrete. The kelly ball test is considered to be simple and much faster than the slump test. Twice the kelly ball reading approximately equals the slump.

  Gauging Trowel    
  We Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Gauging Trowel. We manufacturer Gauging Trowel in different sizes and shape. The gauging trowel is a versatile tool used for transferring plaster (the broad rounded point is ideal for picking plaster out of a bucket) and for applying plaster to a wall or surface. Use this trowel for mixing or "gauging" small quantities of plaster.

  Gillmore Needle Apparatus    
  We manufacturer superior quality Gillmore Needle Apparatus. We manufacturer Gillmore Needle Apparatus as per the set industry standards. Gillmore Apparatus is used to determine initial and final times of setting of portland cement, masonry cement, hydraulic hydrated lime, and certain mortars. The adjustable-position support has sets of horizontal arms to guide two weighted needles with flat-end cylindrical stainless steel tips.

  Le Chatelier Flask    
  Le Chatelier Flask is One of the most important cement testing equipment. Le chatelier Flask Manufacturerd by us is commonly used For determining density of powdered materials—limes, slag and hydraulic cement. Le Chatelier Flask manufactured by us Made from borosil glass.

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