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  We manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of a wide range of Concrete Testing equipments. Our Range of concrete testing equipments include Air Entrainment Meter, Compression Testing Machine, Concrete Test Hammer, Cube Mould, Cylindrical Mould, Density of Hardened Concrete, Kelley Ball Penetration, Laboratory Pan Mixer, Tensile Strength Tester, Tamping Rod/Bar, Melting Pot, Sand Absorption Cone and Temper, Straight Egde, Southard Viscometer, Curing Tank, Three Gang Mould, Vibrating Table, Vee Bee Consistometer, Slump Test Apparatus, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Laboratory Concrete Mixer, Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge, Lateral Extensometer, Longitudinal Compressometer, Flexure Testing Machine , Cone Penetrometer, Pocket Concrete Penetrometer.
  Southard Viscometer    
  We are the leading manufacturer and Exporter of Southard Viscometer. WE manufacturer Southard Viscometer Using High Grade Raw Material. Putty consistency can be adjusted using this instrument. A 50mm I.D. metal cylinder is mounted on a wooden platform. A close fitting piston moves up to down without turning in this cylinder. Working stroke is 65mm. A metal bridge is provided to measure supplied complete with lime putty density vessel.

  Curing Tank    
  We offer to our customer a wide range of Concrete Curing Tank. Curing Tank Manufactured by us provide an effective and reliable method of curing concrete cube samples. Fitted with an electronic temperature control, the temperature can be controlled and maintained to quickly give you solid, high quality concrete cubes

  Three Gang Mould    
  We at Testing Equipments in india offer to our customers a highly efficient three gang mould. Three gang mould to produce 50x50x250 mm specimens for the determination of restrained expansion of a mortar containing the expansive agent, and the effect of the aggregates on the drying shrinkage of concrete. In addition to this we manufacture three gang mould as per the design and specification of our customers.

  Vibrating Table    
  We at at Testing Equipments in india manufacture a complete line of vibrating table. We manufacture Vibrating machine for concrete testing using high quality grade. Vibrating Table manufactured by us generally used for compacting concrete cubes and cylinders. We also provide Vibrating Tables of table top size 75 cm x 75 cm as well as 100 cm x100 cm on special demands to our prestigious clients.

  Vee Bee Consistometer
  Vee Bee Consistometer Manufactured by Us used to measures the remolding ability of concrete under vibration. The test results reflect the amount of energy required to remold a quantity of concrete under given vibration conditions. The Vee bee consistometer is applicable to concrete with slumps less than 2 inches. Vee Bee Consistometer consists of a metal cylindrical container mounted on a vibrating table, which produces a sinusoidal vibration, a slump cone is placed in the center of the cylinder and filled in the same manner as in the standard slump test.

  Slump Test Apparatus    
  We are a leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Slump Test Apparatus. Slump Test Apparatus is an oldest and most widely used for test the workability of fresh concrete, which would normally be undertaken at the point of delivery to ensure the concrete, is of adequate consistency for placement. The test is applicable to concrete of medium workability. Due to its high durability our Slump Test Apparatus is highly demanded in the market.

  Compaction Factor Apparatus    
  We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters of Compaction Factor Apparatus from India. Compaction Factor Apparatus is used for determining the workability of fresh concrete, provided the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38 mm. The test is particularly useful for concrete mixes of very low workability where true slump values are not reliable.

  Laboratory Concrete Mixer    
  We are a prominent name in manufacturing, Supplying of Laboratory Concrete Mixer which is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. The mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. Uniform and thoroughly mixed batches can be produced in field or Laboratory. Inevitable for Mix design formulation.

  Lateral Extensometer    
  Lateral Extensometer Manufactured by us used for determining the lateral extension of 15cms dia x 30cm high cement concrete cylinders while testing them under compression. The Compressometer consists of two frames for clamping to the specimen by means of five tightening screws with hardened and tapered ends. Two spacers hold the two frames in position. An adjustable pivot rod rests on pivot screws.

  Longitudinal Compressometer    
  We manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Longitudinal Compressometer. Longitudinal Compressometer apparatus is used for determination of the strain and deformation characteristics of cement concrete cylindrical specimens of 150 mm dia x 300 mm length. The Compressometer consists of two frames for clamping to the specimen by means of five tightening screws with hardened and tapered ends. Two spacers hold the two frames in position. An adjustable pivot rod rests on pivot screws.

  Cone Penetrometer    
  We manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Cone Penetrometer from india. Cone Penetrometer is commonly used to determine the elapsed time between batching of a concrete sample and when it is deemed by standard methods to have set. The method involves measuring the penetration resistance of a test sample, which has had coarse particles removed at periodic intervals. It is particularly useful, in determining the effect on setting time of admixtures in the concrete, where these may have been introduced specifically to increase the setting time..

  Pocket Concrete Penetrometer    
  Pocket Concrete Penetrometer Manufactured by us is used for fast evaluation of the initial setting of concrete. Pocket Concrete Penetrometer can be used on light weight concrete, special roof deck mixes and concrete additives. We manufacturer Pocket Concrete Penetrometer using high quality raw material. In addition to this we manufacture Pocket Concrete Penetrometer as per the specification of our clients.

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