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  Laboratory Testing Equipments  
  We are the leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of a wide range of laboratory testing equipments. Our range of lab testing equipments include Humidity Cabinet, Hot Air Oven, Standard Test Sieves, Wrist Action Shaker, Muffle Furnace, Water Still apparatus, Vacuum Pump, Rotary Flask Shaker, Electronic Balance, Serological Water Bath, Platform Balance and hot plate.
  Humidity Cabinet    
  We manufacturer finest quality humidity cabinet for our customers. Humidity cabinet is the multi-purpose forced circulation unit. Cabinet interior is stainless steel lined and all interior components are of stainless steel or chrome plated steel construction. Hinged cover consists of two layers of desized cotton cloth mounted on a metal frame.

  Hot Air Oven    
  We are a leading manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of hot air oven from India. Hot air ovens is an electrical devices used in sterilization. Hot Air Oven uses dry heat to sterilize articles. Hot Air Oven is a thermostat controlling the temperature. Hot Air Oven are digitally controlled to maintain the temperature. In addition to this features we also customized hot air oven as per the requirements of our customers..

  Standard Test Sieves    
  We are a renowned name in field of manufacturing laboratory Testing equipments. Our wide of laboratory testing equipment also include Standard Test Sieves or in other words laboratory test sieves. Our Laboratory Test Sieves cater the needs and requirements of various industries. Made From superior quality raw material. our Laboratory Test Sieve is widely used in laboratories for calculating specific sizes of powders and various other materials.

  Wrist Action Shaker    
  We at Testing Equipments in india manufacture of highly durable and efficient Wrist Action Shaker. Wrist Action Shaker always considered as an effective tool for extracting, dissolving and emulsifying samples. Featuring an advanced motor, mimics human wrist action-from very slow, gentle mixing to violent agitation. This variable speed unit runs from 100-960 oscillations per minute (with gentle ramping), and is monitored within 1 rpm of set point by an illuminated digital tachometer.

  Muffle Furnace
  We are a prominent name in manufacturing of muffle furnace. Muffle Furnace manufactured by us is widely used in various laboratory, Research and development center. Incorporated with small or large capacity tanks and have heating elements, cover at the top and other wall parts with easy maintenance and longer durability and contain stainless steel of 304 grade perforated diffuser plates and drain plugs are made of brass.

  Water Still apparatus    
  Water Still apparatus is an important laboratory testing equipments. Our Water Still apparatus are highly reliable, durable and economical. These systems are excellent for all quantity of laboratory and pharmaceutical applications. The stainless steel design is much more durable then glass still which can break easily..

  Vacuum Pump    
  We are the leading manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of Highly Efficient Laboratory Vacuum Pump. We manufacture Vacuum pump using high quality raw material which we procure from our trusted vendor. Due to its performance our Vacuum pump are highly demanded in the domestic as well as in the international market..

  Rotary Flask Shaker    
  We are manufacture of Rotary Flask Shaker. We specializes in offering a wide range of Rotary Flask Shaker to our clients at competitive prices. We manufacture Rotary Flask Shaker as per the set industry standards. This product is widely used for shaking solutions in textile industry for its quality such as smooth operation, rigid construction and durable finish.

  Electronic Balance    
  Laboratory Electronic balance manufactured by us work on the principle of magnetic force restoration. In this system, the force exerted by the object being weighed is lifted by an electromagnet. A detector measures the current required to oppose the downward motion of the weight in the magnetic field. Our Electronic Balance is highly use in Laboratory and research Center.

  Serological Water Bath    
  With help of in depth knowledge and our manufacturing unit we are able to manufacturer a highly efficient Serological Water Bath. Serological Water Bath is one of the frequently used heating instruments in scientific laboratories and several business applications. Outer body of our serological water bath is constructed out of thick PCRC steel sheet duly pre-treated with primers for rust proofing and painted with air drying paint/stove enamel/powder coating. The inside chamber of the unit is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of grade ss-304.

  Platform Balance    
  Being Into this industry from past several year we are able to manufacture most of the laboratory testing equipments. We manufacture platform balance which is highly used in laboratory and research application. The platform balance is a form of equal-arm balance in which two flat platforms are attached to the top side of the beam, one at each end. Such a balance has a rider, or weight, mounted on a bar that has a calibrated scale, is parallel to the beam, and connects the supports of the two platforms. This rider is moved along the bar, its edge marking decimal fractions of the unit weight.

  Hot Plate    
  Testing Equipments in india offer a wide range of laboratory testing equipments .We manufacture high Quality Hot Plate which we offer to our customers at a very competitive prices. Hot Plate Manufactured by us are highly durable and efficient. The hot plate is one of the most important laboratory equipment that you use on a daily basis. Hot plates are generally used to heat laboratory samples when the desired temperature is 100C or higher and are preferred because they are the safest heating device since they produce no open flame, and rarely produce sparking.

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