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  We Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of soil Testing Equipments. Our Range includes Load Truss, Sieve Shaker, Vane Shear, Static Cone Penetrometer, Split Spoon Sampler With Liner, Brazilion Test Apparatus, Point Load Index tester, Load Frame, California Bearing Ratio Apparatus, Soil Trimmer etcx`
  Load Truss    
  With the help of our in-depth Knowledge and Manufacturing unit we manufacture Superior Quality load Truss. This truss is of welded I-Girder construction in two halves which can be bolted together when required. The lower chord, the cross pieces for holding the truss down and the vertical thrust members are all of welded box type construction with two channels enclosed and welded to an I-girder. We Manufacture Load Truss at leading Market Prices.

  Sieve Shaker    
  We manufacture, Supplier & Exporter of Sieve Shaker. We manufacturer Sieve Shaker in different size and dimensions. Sieve Shaker is operates on the reciprocating cam principle. The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted by changing the speed of the drive unit. The shaker can be fitted with various sieve sets according to customer’s requirements. This Attachment is Suitable to Attached in our Both Main Drive.

  Vane Shear    
  We offer to our customers a high performing Vane shear Apparatus at a marketing leading prices. The vane shear test is an in-situ geotechnical testing methods used to estimate the undrained shear strength of fully saturated clays without disturbance. The test is relatively simple, quick, and provides a cost-effective way of estimating the soil shear strength; therefore, it is widely used in geotechnical investigations. Under special condition, the vane shear test can be also carried out in the laboratory on undisturbed soil specimens; however, the use of the vane shear test in in-situ testing is much more common..

  Static Cone Penetrometer    
  We manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of Static Cone Penetrometer From india. The Static Cone Penetrometer is used to evaluate the consistency of soils, their level of compaction and the bearing capacity of shallow foundations and pavement subgrades. Specifically developed for use in fine grained soils, particularly soft soils, they use a 60° cone with an area of 1.5 cm². An optional cone with a 3 cm² area is available for use in very soft soils. .

  Split Spoon Sampler With Liner
  The Split Spoon Sampler With Liner manufactured by us is used for Standard Penetration Test. For determining penetration resistance (N Value) of soil which can be related to unconfined Compressive strength, Penetration resistance (N Value) of soil is determined by giving a number of blows with a 65 kg. weight falling through a given distance of 75 cm required to penetrate the assembly to a depth of 30 cm, when properly seated on the ground. We manufacture Split Spoon Sampler With Liners as per the designed and specification of our customers..

  Brazilion Test Apparatus    
  We manufacturre & Exporter of Brazilion Test Apparatus from india. Brazilion Test Apparatus is designed to test specimens from 50 mm dia to 100 mm dia having thickness equal to half of the diameter. A pair of loading jaws, designed so as to contact a disc shaped sample at diametrically opposed surfaces over an arc of contact of about 10 degrees at failure, is supplied. The set of jaws supplied with the equipment is designed for 50 mm dia specimen and therefore it is essential to order jaws for required sizes, if the samples of other diameters are to be tested. A set of plain platens are provided with the jack to enable testing of cube and circular specimens. .

  Point Load Index tester    
  We offer to our customers a highly durable Point Load Index tester. We manufacture Point Load Index tester using high quality raw material. Due to high quality and sound design, Point Load Index tester manufactured by us are highly demanded in domestic as well as international market. In addition to this we also manufacture Point Load Index tester as per the designed and specification of our customers.

  Load Frame    
  We manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Load Frame. Load Frame Manufactured by us is commonly designed for applications requiring multi-purpose loading systems, the HM-3000 is ideal for just about any triaxial application from road construction to high-volume commercial and educational laboratories. The HM-3000 MasterLoader provides fully-automatic test performance allowing unattended operation while controlling motor start/stop, speed selection and test data acquisition. Its modular design allows the machine to be custom configured to handle any test necessary.

  California Bearing Ratio Apparatus    
  We manufacture, supplier & Exporter of Califorina Bearing Ratio Apparatus From india. Tests are carried out on natural or compacted soils in water soaked or un-soaked Conditions and the results so obtained are compared with the curves of standard test to have an idea of the soil strength of the sub grade soil. .

  Soil Trimmer    
  Testing Equipments in india Instrument manufacture, Supplier & Exporter of Soil Trimmer from india. Sample trimmers or Soil Trimmer Manufactured by us are designed to simplify precision trimming of soil samples for testing in routine, research and educational laboratories. Both hand operated and motorized models are available for trimming consolidation test specimens unconfined compression and Triaxial shear test specimens and for other tests in which cylindrical specimens are required..

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