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  We Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of soil Testing Equipments. Our Range includes North Dakota Cone, Vicksburg Penetrometer , Pycnometer, Pocket Penetrometer, Moisture Tins, Relative Density etc .
  North Dakota Cone    
  We Manufacture, Supplier & Exporter of North Dakota Cone from india. North Dakota Cone is one of the most important soil testing equipments and used for soil testing processes. The instrument consists of a rod carrying a loading platform at the top and a hardened steel cone at the bottom. The rod is mounted vertically and slides freely up and down in the collars of the frame and can be locked in any position as required. The conical tip penetrates the soil through an aperture in the cast iron base. The loading platform carries a graduated plunger which enters one of the side supports and permits the reading of the penetration correct to 1 mm..

  Vicksburg Penetrometer    
  We manufacture, Supplier and exporter of Vicksburg Penetrometer from india. Vicksburg Penetrometer Is used for determining the bearing capacity of sub grades or for compaction control. It also used for rapidly of soils in shallow exploration work. We offer Vicksburg Penetrometer at a leading market prices. .

  We are manufacture, Supplier & exporters of Pycnometer from india. A Pycnometer or specific gravity bottle is a flask with a stopper that has a capillary tube through it, which allows air bubbles to escape. The pycnometer is used to obtain accurate measurements of density.

  Pocket Penetrometer    
  We Manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of Pocket Penetrometer from india. Pocket Pentrometer Manufactured by us provides accurate measurements of the compressive soil strength. This 6-1/4in unit is spring-operated, and it is measures strength in tons/sq. ft. or kg/sq. cm by pushing a 1/4in diameter loading piston into soil to a depth of 0.25in. The end area is 0.05in2. Compressive load is indicated by reading a scale on the piston barrel. A friction ring indicates maximum reading. Made of anodized aluminum. An Allen wrench and plastic carrying case with belt loop are included. A special 1in-diameter adapter foot is available as an option for use in very sensitive soils. .

  Moisture Tins
  We at Testing Equipments in india offer to our customers a superior quality moisture tins. We Manufacture Moisture tins as per the set industry Standards. Moisture Tins Manufactured by us is used to To determine moisture contents in soil and other material. These are made from aluminium or stainless steel. We manufacture Moisture Tins in different size and addition to this we manufacture moisture tins as per the designs and specification of our customers. .

  Relative Density    
  We manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Relative Density from india. Relative Density is one of the most important soil testing equipments. Apparatus. Apparatus determines the relative density of cohesionless, free-draining soils and provides well-defined results on soils that do not respond well to conventional moisture-density impact compaction testing. Soils for which this method is appropriate may contain up to 12 percent of soil particles passing a No. 200 (75mm) sieve, depending on the distribution of particle sizes, which causes them to have free-draining characteristics

  Hand Vane Tester    
  We are manufacturer & Suppliers of Hand Vane Tester. Complete with 19mm vane, range 0 to 120 kpa, 33mm vane, range 0 to 28 kpa, Spanners and carrying case. Accessories : Extra rod 3Orlmm long, Extra rod 1000 mm long.

  Lateral Pressure Assembly    
  We manufacturer & Suppliers of Lateral Pressure Assembly. It is designed for application of cell pressures up to 10 kg/cm2 on a triaxial specimen in the triaxial cell. This unit is mostly used in routine which last for about 10 to 15 minutes wherein the variations of cell pressure can be tolerated. We also designed Lateral Pressure Assembly as per the designed

  Portable Aluminium Derrick with Pulley    
  We manufacturer Portable Aluminium Derrick with Pulley. It is a light weight aluminum derrick can be dismantled fro ease of transpiration the equipment is suitable for shallow soil sampling, standard penetration tests & lifting operations complete with upper tie bolt & ball but without sleeve. The pulley is use with portable aluminum derrick. It attaches to the ball at the top of the derrick. Other Details only on demand.

  Proctor Needles    
  We manufacture and export Proctor Needles from India. Proctor needles are used for quick evaluation of maximum soil density in the field. Standard compaction curves showing moisture contents versus densities are drawn in laboratory using standard compaction method and penetration of the proctor needles are correlated. Proctor needles are also known as proctor penetrometers.

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