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  We Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of soil Testing Equipments. Our Range includes Auger Post Hole & Screw Type, Brass Frame Sieves, Consolidation Cell, Constant Volume Mould, Dead Weight Type Oil & Water Constant Pressure System, Extruder Frame Universal, Hand Vane Tester, Lateral Pressure Assembly, Portable Aluminium Derrick with Pulley, Proctor Needles etc.
  Auger Post Hole & Screw Type    
  We at Testing Equipments in india manufacture, Supplier & Exporter of superior quality Auger Post Hole & Screw Type.Augers are used to collect disturbed soil samples at reasonal depths for laboratory tests. Augers are available in two types and each in different sizes. Blade type (posthole type) and helical type (screw type). Each auger outfit consists one each of auger head, one meter long rod, tee piece and hangle. Depths of excavating can be increased by using additional extension rods.

  Brass Frame Sieves    
  We offer to our client a superior quality of Brass Frame Sieves. We manufacture Brass Frame Sieves using high quality raw material Which we procured from our authotized vendors. Brass Frame Sieves manufactured by us offer high resistance to corrosion and thus last for a longer version of time period. We at Testing Equipments in india produced Brass frame Sieves in a variety of diameter sizes, in both brass and stainless steel. Sieves are available with brass frame and mesh, brass frame with stainless steel mesh or stainless frame and mesh.

  Consolidation Cell    
  Water trough : Floating ring type of Consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 60mm dia x 20mm thick specimens complete with floating ring with two guide rings, pair of porous stones, pressure pad and cutting collar. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10kg/cm. sq. on 60mm dia specimens. Floating ring type of Consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 50mm dia x 20mm thick specimens complete with accessories as above.

  Constant Volume Mould    
  We are one of the Prominent manufacturer & Suppliers of Constant Volume Mould. For remolding disturbed soil samples to their field densities or to any other specified densities, constant volume moulds are required which may be of different sizes, so as to make soil specimens for different laboratory tests. For other details feel free send your enquiry.

  Dead Weight Type Oil & Water Constant Pressure System
  Mulitech Scientific Instruments Manufacturer international Quality Dead Weight Type Oil & Water Constant Pressure System. This device is used to maintain cell pressure constant for a long duration and the system can be used in place of conventional constant pressure system using mercury pots where certain minimum heights are required. Problems like de-airation of pump, leakage of mercury etc. is eliminated in this system. This unit is smaller in volume and can be used in mobile laboratory also.

  Extruder Frame Universal    
  We offer to our customers a superior quality Universal Extruder Frame . The extruder frame is used for taking out soil samples compacted or undisturbed, from 100mm dia and 150mm dia cylinders such as Core Cutters, Proctor moulds, C.B.R. moulds etc.

  Hand Vane Tester    
  We are manufacturer & Suppliers of Hand Vane Tester. Complete with 19mm vane, range 0 to 120 kpa, 33mm vane, range 0 to 28 kpa, Spanners and carrying case. Accessories : Extra rod 3Orlmm long, Extra rod 1000 mm long.

  Lateral Pressure Assembly    
  We manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of Lateral Pressure Assembly. It is designed for application of cell pressures up to 10 kg/cm2 on a triaxial specimen in the triaxial cell. This unit is mostly used in routine which last for about 10 to 15 minutes wherein the variations of cell pressure can be tolerated. We also designed Lateral Pressure Assembly as per the designed

  Portable Aluminium Derrick with Pulley    
  We are the leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters Portable Aluminium Derrick with Pulley. It is a light weight aluminum derrick can be dismantled for ease of transpiration the equipment is suitable for shallow soil sampling, standard penetration tests & lifting operations complete with upper tie bolt & ball but without sleeve. The pulley is use with portable aluminum derrick. It attaches to the ball at the top of the derrick. Other Details only on demand.

  Proctor Needles    
  We manufacture and export Proctor Needles from India. Proctor needles are used for quick evaluation of maximum soil density in the field. Standard compaction curves showing moisture contents versus densities are drawn in laboratory using standard compaction method and penetration of the proctor needles are correlated. Proctor needles are also known as proctor penetrometers.

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